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4x3 Keypad for Arduino with code

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How to use 4x3 Keypad with Arduino

In this page you will get the Arduino code and library for 4x3 keypad

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Resources for this code

  1. Library code for 4x4 Keypad
  2. Get Schematic diagram for this sketch from Arduino Course on Udemy
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 * Library taken : https://playground.arduino.cc/Code/Keypad
 * This is the Arduino code for 4x3 keypad.
 * watch the video for details and demo http://youtu.be/qIDzzG2LUtg
 *  * 
 * Modefied by Ahmad Shamshiri for Robojax Video channel www.Robojax.com
 * Date: July 11, 2018 at 19:56 in Ajax, Ontario, Canada
 * Permission granted to share this code given that this
 * note is kept with the code.
 * Disclaimer: this code is "AS IS" and for educational purpose only.
 * this code has been downloaded from http://robojax.com/learn/arduino/
 * Watch video instruction for this code: 
/* @file HelloKeypad.pde
|| @version 1.0
|| @author Alexander Brevig
|| @contact alexanderbrevig@gmail.com
|| @description
|| | Demonstrates the simplest use of the matrix Keypad library.
|| #
#include <Keypad.h>

const byte ROWS = 4; //four rows
const byte COLS = 3; //three columns
char keys[ROWS][COLS] = {

byte rowPins[ROWS] = {2, 3, 4, 5}; //connect to the row pinouts of the keypad
byte colPins[COLS] = {6,7,8}; //connect to the column pinouts of the keypad

Keypad keypad = Keypad( makeKeymap(keys), rowPins, colPins, ROWS, COLS );

void setup(){
  // Robojax 4x3 keypad test
  Serial.println("Robojax 4x3 keypad");
void loop(){
  // Robojax 4x3 keypad test
  char key = keypad.getKey();
    // just print the pressed key
   if (key){
   // this checkes if 4 is pressed, then do something. Here  we print the text but you can control something.
  if (key =='4'){
    // if key matches what you are looking for
    Serial.println("Key 4 is pressed");


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