Robojax SunFounder ESP32 Starter Kit Course

This Arduino course is based on SunFounder ESP32 Starter Kit.
All lessons shown in the videos are based on the components available in the SunFounder ESP32 Start Kit which you can purchase from the links below.
Each lesson may have more than one Arduino code which will be displayed on the lesson page.
Please select the lesson from the list below.

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  1. ESP32 Turorial 1/55 - Introduction to SunFounder's ESP32 IoT Learnig kit Software and Arduino IDE
  2. ESP32 Tutorial 2/55 - What's ESP32, Camera Extension Board, unboxing SunFounder's ESP32 IoT Learnig kit
  3. ESP32 Tutorial 3/55 - Resistor, LED, Bredboard and First Project: Hello LED -ESP32 IoT Learnig kit
  4. ESP32 Tutorial 4/55 - Data types Define Variable Int, bool, char, Serial Monitor-ESP32 IoT Learnig kit
  5. ESP32 Tutorial 5/55 - LED Fade, control brightness of an LED -ESP32 IoT Learnig kit
  6. ESP32 Tutorial 30/55 - Control Servo Over the web using MQTT using Adafruit IO Service
  7. ESP32 Tutorial 38/55 - Controling RGB LED from your mobile phone | SunFounder's ESP32 IoT Learnig kit
  8. ESP32 Tutorial 40/55 - Reading and writing to Micro SD Card | SunFounder's ESP32 IoT Learnig kit
  9. ESP32 Tutorial 45/55- Custom Streamign Server with LED control CAM-3 l SunFounder's ESP32 Learnig kit
  10. ESP32 Tutorial 46/55 - Remote Temperature Monitoring using HiveMQ MQTT | SunFounder's ESP32 Learnig kit
  11. ESP32 Tutorial 48/55 - Remote Temperature Monitoring and LED control MQTT | SunFounder's ESP32 IoT kit
  12. ESP32 Tutorial 49/55 - Control DC Motor Over The internet using Adafruit IoT | SunFounder's ESP32 kit
  13. ESP32 IoT Tutorial 50/55 - Control RGB LED from anywhere in the world | SunFounder's ESP32 kit
  14. ESP32 Tutorial 51/55 - Temperatuer and Humidty over WiFi with DHT | SunFounder's ESP32 IoT Learnig kit
  15. ESP32 Tutorial 53/55 - Build an LCD Internet Clock | SunFounder's ESP32 IoT Learnig kit
  16. ESP32 Tutorial 54/55 - Set WS2812 LED Strip Color over Wifi | SunFounder's ESP32 IoT Learnig kit
  17. ESP32 Tutorial 55/55 - How to measure 12V, 24V or 100V DC voltage | SunFounder's ESP32 IoT Learnig kit
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