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ESP32 Tutorial 55/55 - How to measure 12V, 24V or 100V DC voltage | SunFounder's ESP32 IoT Learnig kit

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In this video we learn how to measure any DC voltage using ESP32 board. we learn how to use only 2 resistors to be able to safely measure the DC voltage using ESP32.

Topics in this lesson

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:59 Intoduction to the project
  • 5:45 Voltage divider
  • 7:33 Wiring explained
  • 9:14 Arduino Code explained
  • 14:45 Selecting ESP32 board and COM Port on Arduino IDE
  • 16:27 Measuring 30V using ESP32 Demonstration
  • 21:36 Changed the R2 to 330k ohm
  • 22:33 Minimum voltage measuremen

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Arduino code for ESP32 to measure any DC voltage
written by Ahmad Shamshiri
Feb 19, 2024
bool debug = false;
const int R1 = 10000;//we read the voltage acrosst this resistor ()
const int R2 = 100000;

const int VinPin = 35; // Potentiometer connected to GPIO14

// PWM settings
const int freq = 5000; // PWM frequency
const int resolution = 12; // PWM resolution (bits)
const int channel = 0; // PWM channel

float VB1;
int mV;

void setup() {
  // Configure PWM
  ledcSetup(channel, freq, resolution);
  //calculatResistor(R1, 24);//10000 ohm and 35.0V


void loop() {

  Serial.print("VB1 Voltage: ");
  Serial.print(VB1); // Convert millivolts to volts
  Serial.println("V ");


void readVoltage()
  uint32_t voltage_mV = analogReadMilliVolts(VinPin); // Read the voltage in millivolts
    Serial.print("PinVoltage: ");
    Serial.println();//this adds a new line
  mV = voltage_mV;
  VB1 = (((float) voltage_mV) / 1000.0)  * (1 + (float)R2/(float)R1);

prints maximum volage
void maxVoltage()
  float maxVoltage = ( 3.1)  * (1 + (float)R2/(float)R1);
    Serial.print("****Maximum Voltage: ");

}//maxVoltage() end

void calculatResistor(int r1, float voltage)
    Serial.print("Calculating R2 when R1 is :");
    Serial.print(" Ohms and Maximum Input Voltage is ");  
    Serial.print("***** R2 Should Be ");  
    float r2 = (voltage - 3.1)/ (3.1/ (float)r1);
    Serial.print(r2 / 1000.0);  
    Serial.println(" kilo Ohms");  


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