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Lecture 08: Arduino Conditional Statements

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Code 1 Lecture 8

In this lecture we learn about Conditional Statement such as if, else if and else with multiple examples.

 * S01-08 
 * Contional Statement 1
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int mark = 56;
char grade;

void setup() {
  if(mark>=90 && mark<=100){
    grade ='A';
  }else if(mark>=80 && mark<=89){
    grade ='B';
  }else if(mark>=70 && mark<=79){
    grade ='C';
  }else if(mark>=60 && mark<=69){
    grade ='D';
    grade ='F';

  Serial.begin(9600);//initialize the serial monitor
  Serial.print("Grade is:");


void loop() {
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