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Lecture 07: Getting Additional 5V and GND from Arduino

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In this video we learn how to add additional 5V or GND pins or 3.3V and GND pins depending the voltage of the board.

 * S01-07 Additioinal 5V or GND pin.
 If your Arduino board voltage is 3.3V, then we will get 3.3V and GRND pin
 * Arduino Sketch to give you extra 5V pin from Arduino
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 * Written by Ahmad Shamshiri for Robojax,
 * on Jan 01, 2019 at 08:54 in Ajax, Ontario, Canada
#define VCC2  5 // define pin 5 or any other digial pin here as VCC2
#define GND2  2 // define pin 2 or any other digital pin as Ground 2

void setup() {
  pinMode(VCC2,OUTPUT);//define a digital pin as output
  digitalWrite(VCC2, HIGH);// set the above pin as HIGH so it acts as 5V

  pinMode(GND2,OUTPUT);//define a digital pin as output
  digitalWrite(GND2, LOW);// set the above pin as LOW so it acts as Ground  


void loop() {
	//Robojax Step By Step Arduino Course



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