Reading Temperature Wirelessly over WiFi with DHT11, DHT22 and ESP8266 NodeMCU

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This this video shows you how to use DHT11 and DHT11 with ESP8266 to read temperature over WiFi on Computer or mobile device in Home Wifi Network.

URL to enter into Preferences of Arduino IDE: Network.

Topics covered in this video

  • 01:16 Introduction
  • 02:00 Web Server with ESP8266
  • 05:53 Wiring Explained/li>
  • 07:57 Preparing Arduino IDE for ESP8266 boards
  • 10:44 Code explained
  • 18:13 Demonstration of viewing Temperature on Browser of Computer
  • 21:17 MDNS demo or reading temperature ty typing (http://robojaxDHT) without IP. You don't need to know IP address
  • 21:42 Demonstration of viewing Temperature on Browser of Mobile device

Please download the arduino code zip file.

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