Reading Potentiometer Voltage using ESP32 Microcontroller

Project Video
Project Details

This this video how to start read potentiometer voltage at Alanog inputs of ESP32. Pins explained, potentiometer explained

  • 00:45 Introduction
  • 01:40 Pins expanded
  • 03:46 Potentiometer Explained
  • 05:50 Wiring Explained
  • 07:39 Code Explained
  • 10:55 Demonstration of reading voltage

Project Code

  ESP32 Analog Read
  Read potentiometer voltage at different inputs

  Written by Ahmad Shamshiri at 20:55
  on Sunday Sep 01, 2019 in Ajax, Ontario, Canada

  Watch Video instruction for this sketch:

const int potPin = 39;// Analog pin

int potValue;// do not change
float voltage =0;// do not change

void setup() {
  // initialize serial communication at 115200 bits per second:

void loop() {
  // read the input on analog pin potPin:
  potValue = analogRead(potPin);
  voltage = (3.3/4095.0) * potValue;
  Serial.print(" Voltage:");
  delay(50); // delay in between reads for stability

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