Using IRF520 MOSFET Switch button for Arduino

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This code is for IRF520 MOSFET module to control DC load using arduino without any relay. This device can work with up to 100V and continuously control a 2A load. With proper heat sink it can handle up to 9A but we have tested it up to 4A.

Schematic diagram for IRF520 MOSFET Module

Project Code

 * IRF520 MOSFET Switch module for Arduino
 * Written by Ahmad Shamshiri for
Date modified: Jun 09, 2018 at 18:58 at Ajax, Ontario, Canada
watch video instruction for this code:

#define control 8 // pin that controls the MOSFET

void setup() {
  // IRF520 MOSFET Tutorial by Robojax
  pinMode(control,OUTPUT);// define control pin as output


void loop() {
  // IRF520 MOSFET Tutorial by Robojax

  digitalWrite(control,HIGH); // turn the MOSFET Switch ON
  delay(2000);// Wait for 2000 ms or 2 second

  digitalWrite(control,LOW); // Turn the MOSFET Switch OFF
  delay(2000);// Wait for 2000 ms or 2 second


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