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Arduino code and video for Voltage Sensor Module

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This is the Arduino code and video for Voltage Sensor module

This video shows you how to use Voltage Sensor module and also how to use it to measure any voltage by showing you how to calculate the resistor. http://robojax.com/learn/arduino/

 * This is the Arduino code for  Voltage Sensor
 * you will measure voltage using this module which eliminate use extra resistors
 in the video also you will learn how to measure any voltages.

 * Watch the video instruction for Arduino Voltage sensor https://youtu.be/FaoKzi7tgME
 *  * 

 * Permission granted to share this code given that this
 * note is kept with the code.
 * Disclaimer: this code is "AS IS" and for educational purpose only.
 * Written by Ahmad Shamshiri for Robojax
 * on Feb 07, 2018 at 20:05, Ajax, Ontario, Canada
int offset =20;// set the correction offset value
void setup() {
  // Robojax.com voltage sensor

void loop() {
  // Robojax.com voltage sensor
  int volt = analogRead(A0);// read the input
  double voltage = map(volt,0,1023, 0, 2500) + offset;// map 0-1023 to 0-2500 and add correction offset
  voltage /=100;// divide by 100 to get the decimal values
  Serial.print("Voltage: ");
  Serial.print(voltage);//print the voltge


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