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Arduino code for LM75A Temperature Sensor

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Arduino code for LM75A Temperature Sensor

In this page you will get the code and library for LM75A Sensor. Watch video instruction on how to use LM75A

 * \brief Show temperature in degrees and fahrenheit every second
 * \author Quentin Comte-Gaz <quentin@comte-gaz.com>
 * \date 8 July 2016
 * \license MIT License (contact me if too restrictive)
 * \copyright Copyright (c) 2016 Quentin Comte-Gaz
 * ersion 1.0
 * Video instruction by Ahmad Shamshiri on July 10 at 20:29 2018 for Robojax.com
 * in Ajax, Ontario, Canada
 * watch video instruction of this code: https://youtu.be/2gmkubeHUXw
For this sketch you need to connect:
VCC to 3.3V or 5V and GND to GND of arduino
SDA to A4 and SCL to A5


#include <LM75A.h>

// Create I2C LM75A instance
LM75A lm75a_sensor(false,  //A0 LM75A pin state
                   false,  //A1 LM75A pin state
                   false); //A2 LM75A pin state
// Equivalent to "LM75A lm75a_sensor;"

void setup(void)
  Serial.println("Robojax LM75A Test");
  Serial.println("Temperatures will be displayed every second:");

void loop()
  // Robojax.com LM75A Test
  float temperature_in_degrees = lm75a_sensor.getTemperatureInDegrees();

  if (temperature_in_degrees == INVALID_LM75A_TEMPERATURE) {
    Serial.println("Error while getting temperature");
  } else {
    Serial.print("Temperature: ");
    Serial.print(" degrees (");
    Serial.println(" fahrenheit)");


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