How to use Heltec LoRa CubeCell Development Board HTCC-AB01

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In this video we learn how to use Heltec CubeCell LoRa Development module. CubeCell is explained, GPIO pins explained, getting driver for Arduino IDE and Reinstalling is shown. Where to purchase it and the documentation is explained. RGB LED control is demonstrated. Each GPIO pin is shown by connecting an LED to them. Two CubeCell is used to send text from one and received by the other. Also using one CubeCell as remote push button Transmitter (TX) and the other CubeCell as as receiver (RX) to turn ON/OFF an LED remotely.

The Board Manager URL

    Chapters of this video Tutorial

  • 00:00 Start of presentation
  • 01:23 Introduction
  • 01:58 Hardware Explained
  • 05:45 CubeCell Pins explained
  • 10:08 Demonstration: RGB LED control
  • 10:57 Demonstration: GPIO pins
  • 12:24 Sending data between two CubeCell module
  • 18:21 Turning ON/OFF LED using two CubeCell module

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