ESP8266 Project:How to control 4 AC bulb or load using NodeMCU and D1 Mini over WiFi with 4 Relay

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Using this Arduino code we can control 4 AC load such as AC bulb or fan using ESP8266 NodeMCU or D1 Mini over WiFi either from Computer or tablet or mobile phone.

Your Ardino IDE (Arduino Program) must be ready for ESP8266 (NodeMCU or D1 Mini). Else this code will not work. The link to use in the "preferences" of Arduino IDE

Topics and Timing of section of video

  • 00:54 Introduction
  • 04:04 Relay Power Explained
  • 02:10 Wiring Explained
  • 04:48 Preparing Arduino to work with ESP8266
  • 07:08 Code Explained
  • 17:09 Demonstration NodeMCU on Desktop
  • 19:24 Demonstration D1 Mini on Desktop
  • 19:34 Demonstration NodeMCU on Mobile

Please download the arduino code zip file.

HTML page to control 4 AC Loads using ESP8266

HTML page to control 4 relays


Required File(s)

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