Control Speed of Stepper Motor 28BYJ-48 with potentiometer

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This is the Arduino code to control the speed of 28BYj-48 Stepper with potentiometer.

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 * This is Arduino code to control Speed of 28BYj-48 
 * Stepper motor with potentiometer.  
 * Written by Ahmad Shamshiri for Robojax
 * on Jun 30, 2019 at 19:04 in Ajax, Ontario, Canada
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If you found this tutorial helpful, please support me so I can continue creating 
content like this. You can support me on Patreon
or make donation using PayPal

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const int desiredValue = 20;//time in sec for a Revolution

const int dir = 2; // 1 for CW and 2 for CCW

int Pin1 = 10;//IN1 is connected to 10 
int Pin2 = 11;//IN2 is connected to 11  
int Pin3 = 12;//IN3 is connected to 12  
int Pin4 = 13;//IN4 is connected to 13 
int potPin = A0;// center pin of pot is connected to this pin
int vcc2 = 2;// additional 5V for potentiometer

int pole1[] ={0,0,0,0, 0,1,1,1, 0};//pole1, 8 step values
int pole2[] ={0,0,0,1, 1,1,0,0, 0};//pole2, 8 step values
int pole3[] ={0,1,1,1, 0,0,0,0, 0};//pole3, 8 step values
int pole4[] ={1,1,0,0, 0,0,0,1, 0};//pole4, 8 step values

int poleStep = 0; 
int calcDelayfromTime(int t);
void driveStepper(int c);
int N = calcDelayfromTime(desiredValue);

void setup() 
 pinMode(Pin1, OUTPUT);//define pin for ULN2003 in1 
 pinMode(Pin2, OUTPUT);//define pin for ULN2003 in2   
 pinMode(Pin3, OUTPUT);//define pin for ULN2003 in3   
 pinMode(Pin4, OUTPUT);//define pin for ULN2003 in4 
 pinMode(vcc2, OUTPUT);//define pin as output for 5V for pot
 digitalWrite(vcc2, HIGH);//set vcc2 pin HIGH to have 5V for pot 
 Serial.println("Robojax Stepper Control");
 Serial.print("Max time per rev set: ");
 Serial.print(" loop delay: ");
  delay(4000);//give use time to read
}// setup

 void loop() 
  // Robojax Stepper code S8BYJ-48
 if(dir ==1){ 
 }else if(dir ==2){ 
 int potValue =analogRead(potPin);// read potentiometer value
 int speed = map(potValue,0, 1023, 1,N);


}// loop

int calcDelayfromTime(int t){
  return ((t-5)/4)+1;

 * @brief sends signal to the motor
 * @param "c" is integer representing the pol of motor
 * @return does not return anything
 * code June 2019
void driveStepper(int c)
     digitalWrite(Pin1, pole1[c]);  
     digitalWrite(Pin2, pole2[c]); 
     digitalWrite(Pin3, pole3[c]); 
     digitalWrite(Pin4, pole4[c]);   
}//driveStepper end here

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