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Lesson 110: Build up to 8 digits Seven Segment display using 74HC595 Shift Register | Robojax

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LED Seven Segment Display using 74HC595

This vode is to introduct the 74HC595 to driver 8 LED lights and turn them ON from 0 to 8 one by one while keeping each LED ON.

Projects in this video using 74HC595

  • Project 1: Basic Shifting LED lights
  • Project 2: Single Digit Seven Segment at 6:29 of video
  • Project 3: Two digits dispaly at 15:28 of this video
  • Project 4: Up to 8 Digits display is explaiend at 31:47
  • Project 5: Adjusting delay of each digits using potentiometer at 57:32
  • Project 6: Measuring DC voltage and dispalying on the LCD at 1:00:41

In Project 2 we control direction of rotation of stepper motor using keyboard on our computer via serial monitor.

Timing of chapters in the video

00:00 Start
2:19 Code-1 Walking light
4:02 code-1: demonstration
4:49 connecting seven segment to walking light code
6:19 Code-2 single digit display
8:13 code-2: wiring
12:20 code-2: code explained
14:35 code-2: demo
15:28 code-2: two digits wiring (main wiring)
24:25 code-3: two digits Seven Segment display using 74HC595 code
29:06 How to digits display works
31:47 Code-4: Up to 8 digits Seven Segment display using 74HC595
36:16 All digits code explained
50:43 All digits demo
55:38 two display in parallel
56:30 Common Anode/Common Cathode test
57:32 Code-5: Adjusting delay with potentiometer
1:00:42 Code-6: Pot voltage
1:03:36 driving display with transistor
1:04:01 wiring explained
1:05:29 demo: transistor driver

Build up to 8 digits Seven Segment display using 74HC595 Shift Register 
Watch full video instruction on YouTube
written and explained by Ahmad Shamshiri on

const int DATA_DS_PIN14    = 10; //Pin connected to DATA_DS_PIN14 of 74HC595 
const int LATCH_STCP_PIN12 = 11;//Pin connected to ST_CP of 74HC595
const int CLOCK_SHCP_PIN11 = 12;//Pin connected to SH_CP of 74HC595 

int datArray[] = {B00000000, B00000001, B00000011, B00000111, B00001111, B00011111, B00111111, B01111111, B11111111};

void setup ()
  Serial.println("Code 0: 74HC595 2 digit display driver");
void loop()
  for(int num = 0; num <=8; num++)
    digitalWrite(LATCH_STCP_PIN12 ,LOW); //ground ST_CP and hold low for as long as you are transmitting
    //return the latch pin high to signal chip that it 
    //no longer neeDATA_DS_PIN14 to listen for information
    digitalWrite(LATCH_STCP_PIN12 ,HIGH); //pull the ST_CPST_CP to save the data
    delay(2000); //wait for a second


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